Frequently Asked Questions

(aka FAQs)

I do get a lot of different questions about the jewellery services I offer. Below are the most frequently asked questions and answers of course! I hope you find what you are looking for but If not I am more than happily answer anything. Do get in touch via message, social media or click here to call me.

Frequently Asked Questions about Jewellery Making Classes and Workshops

Q. What is the maximum number you have attending your jewellery classes? A. My classes are for a maximum of 3 students only.

Q. Where are your classes held? A. I teach at my shared workshop space on the Border of Brighton and Hove just off Waterloo Street. Full details will be sent to you after booking.

Q. Please can you tell me what availability you have for upcoming classes? A. You’ll find my schedule of classes and workshops listed here: Simply click on any date and see if there are any spaces available on the right hand side. From here you can go ahead and book or click on an alternative date.

Q. I would like to learn stone setting, is that something I can do in your classes? A. If you are a complete beginner I recommend attending my 3 hour silver jewellery making workshop first. It will give you a good introduction to jewellery making. If you get on well with the basics then I can teach you certain types of stone setting at a later date. I do not provide stones so feel free to bring along what you have and we can have a chat about the possibilities.

Q. I’m a professional jeweller can I attend your classes? A. My classes are suitable for complete beginners or hobbyists only.

Q. I have a teenage son/daughter/neice/nephew who I’d like to bring along to one of your jewellery making workshops, would that be ok? A. Yes, if you can vouch for their maturity then you can both attend a workshop together. I can’t teach unaccompanied under 18’s though. We will use electric tools, a propane gas torch and several chemicals in the class. If you don’t like the sound of that then it might not be a good idea to bring your child to jewellery making class.

Q. I’d like to include some engraving on my jewellery is that possible? A. I can show you how to use number, letter and symbol punches to personalise your jewellery. Here are some examples made by my students: Personalised Jewellery Gallery

Q. If you hand stamp letters/words on the outside of the silver ring then is it permanent? A. I’ll show you how to use the metal stamps to personalise your ring. If you make a mistake the letters/numbers can be filed off so you can start again.

Q. I love designs by XXX (insert famous jewellery designer’s name) and want to make jewellery exactly like their designs. Will you teach me? A. Whilst it’s great to be inspired by beautiful jewellery by talented designers their designs are protected by copyright and I cannot and will not allow you to copy them. By all means be inspired by something but do not copy. Make your jewellery design your own.

Q. Do you do private jewellery tuition? A. Unfortunately, I do not do private tuition at this time.

Q. Do you rent out bench space for other jewellers to use? A. No, unfortunately I don’t rent out bench space.

Q. Do you teach gem polishing? A. Unfortunately, no I do not have the facilities to teach gem polishing.

Frequently Asked Questions about Gift Vouchers

Q. I’d like to buy a gift voucher for X. Can it include a personal message? A. Yes, I can personalise your gift voucher to include the name, a short message and who the voucher is from too if you like? You can purchase your gift voucher online here.

Q. I don’t have a Paypal account can I still order online? A. Yes, You can pay by credit or debit card for your gift vouchers. When you click on the Paypal button at the checkout you can then select ‘checkout as a guest’ and then fill in your card details. 

Q. I would like to order a gift voucher for X but their birthday is in 3 days. Will it get there in time? A. If time is of the essence you will be emailed a copy of the gift voucher which you can print off at home and give to the recipient. You will also have a hardcopy gift voucher posted to either you or the recipients address. 1st class post normally takes 1-2 working days. You can purchase your gift voucher online here.

Q. How long are the gift vouchers valid for? A.12 months

Q. My partner has a gift voucher and I’d like to come along too. Can we both book in online together? A. Yes you can, the code on your gift voucher will deduct the cost of one workshop and you pay as normal for the other one.

Frequently Asked Questions About Making Your Wedding Rings

Q. How much is the wedding ring making workshop? A. The workshop costs £280 per couple excluding the costs of the materials which are outlined below.

Q. We are getting married on XX. How long before the wedding should we make our rings? A. I would advise you to make your rings at least 4-6 weeks before your wedding just in case you need any additions to your rings like stones, hallmarking, plating, hand engraving etc.

Q. Please can you tell me what availability you have for upcoming workshops? A. You’ll find my schedule of wedding ring making workshops listed here: Simply click on any date and see if there are any spaces available on the right hand side. From here you can go ahead and book online or click on an alternative date.

Q. We’d like to include some engraving on our rings is that possible? A. There are number, letter and some symbol stamps at the workshop. I’ll show you how you can personalise your rings with these. Here are some examples of hand stamped rings in this gallery: Personalised Jewellery Gallery

Q. If you hand stamp letters/words on the outside of the ring then is it permanent? A. I’ll show you how to use the metal stamps to personalise your ring. If you make a mistake the letters/numbers can be filed off so you can start again.

Q. We are coming to Brighton from out of town and may struggle to get to town for a 9am start. Is it possible to start a little later? A. Yes, let me know what time you think you might arrive and I’m sure I can accommodate.

Q. We’d like our rings hallmarked. How long does that take? A. Hallmarking takes 10 working days and costs approximately £30 per ring.

Q. We don’t know our ring sizes? A. You can either measure your ring size at home following these instructions: or if you email me your address I will post you a complimentary ring size tool.

Q. We have some gold rings that we’d like to melt down to make our own rings from, can we do that? A. Yes it is possible but takes more that half a day so we’d have to discuss this further before you book. It would help if you know what design you’d like your rings to be. It would help if the gold from the different rings is the same carat. I would need to check you have enough gold to make the new rings so please email me a photo so I can double check for you.

Q. Can we make our wedding rings from Platinum? A. Unfortunately not, I only have facilities at the workshop to work with either sterling silver or gold.

Q. How much will the gold cost to make our rings? A. Here are some approximate costs: A sterling silver ring is usually between £5-25. A 9ct white, yellow or rose gold lady’s ring  is usually £70 to £350, and a man’s between £100 and £500. An 18ct white, yellow or rose gold lady’s ring  will be £150 to £600, and a man’s ring approximately £250 to £1000.

Q. What happens if we make our rings completely wrong? A. You don’t need to worry. After discussing your ring designs I will show you step by step how to make them. We don’t proceed to the next step until the previous step has been completed successfully. I’m there the whole time to guide you and help out should anything go wrong. Most things can be rectified. I have a fully equipped jewellery workshop with all the necessary tools and know how. I have shown many couples how to make their wedding rings and everyone has gone away completely thrilled with their creations.

Q. Can we see examples of wedding rings that have been made in your workshop? A. Yes, here is a gallery of wedding rings that couples have made with me: Wedding Ring Gallery

Frequently Asked Questions About Commissions

Q. I’d like to know more about how to commission a piece of jewellery. A. You can find out more about the commissioning process here:

Q. I would like to commisson a piece of jewellery please can you give me a quote? A. Here are a few questions to help me to estimate a cost for you. If you can answer as many as you can that would be helpful, many thanks:

  1. Briefly describe the commission you are after
  2. Is your commission required by a certain date? If yes, what date?
  3. What is the approximate size/dimensions of the piece?
  4. Can you provide any sketches/photos of something you have in mind?
  5. What material do you require the piece made from? (silver, gold etc)
  6. What is your budget? approximately e.g. under £50, £50-100, £100-200 etc.
  7. Do you require the piece hallmarked?
  8. Would you be able to drop off/collect the piece in person? Or would you prefer special delivery postage service?
  9. Do you require any personalisation on the piece? Engraving, name, date, wording? If yes what?
  10. What is the best contact email/phone number to reach you on?
  11. Would you be like a 30 minute no obligation chat before going ahead? We can do that on the phone or at my studio workshop, on the border of Brighton/Hove.
  12. Please send your answers to me at info @

Q. How much does it cost to commission a piece of jewellery? A. I charge an hourly rate for the design and making process. Materials, hallmarking and postage are extra. Each commission I undertake is different from the last. They vary in cost from £100-£1000’s so I can accommodate for most budgets. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Other work

Q. Do you carry out jewellery repairs? A. One off jewellery repairs can be expensive so I don’t usually take on this work. If however you have 5-10 items that need repairing it will be much more cost effective for you if I can repair them all at once. Do let me know if that’s the case.

Q. We’re looking for a local jeweller to assist us with the production of a number of items. Can you help us with that? A. Unfortunately, I don’t produce work for other companies mainly due to the time constraints. If you are after a one off commission piece then I’d be happy to talk to you about that further.