Meet photographer Gemma Taylor

Meet photographer Gemma Taylor


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Please introduce yourself…


Hi, I’m Gemma Taylor. Photography is not just my job, it’s my obsession! I like creating beautiful, artistic shots – who doesn’t! – but for me what’s exciting is that they are also practical or serve a purpose. Shooting for independent designers and makers allows me to work with people to develop a brand image. The practical side of it may be to show off the craftsmanship and detail to increase online orders, for example, or to produce a set of lifestyle pics for Instagram, or create a look-book for stockists.

How did you become a photographer?


I’ve always been a writer, and I still love writing, but whenever I got paired with a photographer for an assignment I always wanted to be doing what they were doing! So after thinking that a number of times, it was time to make it happen! It was around 7 or 8 years ago when I began photographing professionally.

What’s your inspiration?


It’s all about the storytelling. From what’s the inspiration behind a jewellery or ceramic design, to a story about people or places. I shoot and write about things that interest me, and I hope my enthusiasm comes through in my work.


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How would you describe your style?


I like to keep things simple. Although often what looks like a simple shot can mean a lot of work behind-the- scenes – from compiling an inspiration board and defining a colour palette, through to frothing coffee, or experimenting with textures and props, to achieve the desired look.

Additionally, I will work with natural light whenever possible, and incorporate dramatic light and shade in the pictures – so long as the brief suits it. Other than that it’s difficult define my style, as my starting point with product photography is the designer or maker’s style. What’s their inspiration, who’s their customer, how will they use the photos, what do they want to achieve? That shapes what the end result will look like.


Your favourite thing about Brighton?


I really enjoying living sandwiched between the sea and the South Downs, with a creative city in the middle. It means I’m not just spoilt for choice with brilliant independent designers to work with, but also where’s best to enjoy a cold beer!


Any recent achievements?


I’ve been working on a few different things, and not all product photography. One project – curating an exhibition for the International HIV/AIDS Alliance – was just awarded Brighton Fringe Festival’s 2017 Visual Arts Award. The exhibitions were judged by Brighton’s Artist Open Houses and HOUSE, so that’s a nice connection back to the product photography. My work can seem quite diverse in what I cover, but what underpins all of it is wanting to create memorable photos and an interesting story or brand image.


If you could pick anyone to photograph for who would it be and why?


I don’t get starstruck, I’m much more intrigued by ‘ordinary’ folk, as they never are! I’m working on a local project, where I’m looking for people who have ‘pet’ seagulls that regularly visit them at home, typically for food of course! If I can work animals or nature into a shoot somehow I will… another idea I have for a jewellery shoot involves animals, and would work fabulously for someone who has very bold, neon jewellery designs – so sometimes it can work the opposite way round where I have a concept and then will look for someone whose brand matches that idea.

So if you know a neon wearing, seagull loving type of person, point them my way! My website is in the making… but you can find my contact details here for now:

Heart Ring – Sterling Silver Ring with Hand Cut Floral Heart

Thank you so much Gemma, it was great to get to know you.

If you enjoyed reading Gemma’s story and have any questions or know any seagulls you can comment below!

Introducing Sophie Sommer

Introducing Sophie Sommer





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It’s been an exciting time recently at Elizabeth Anne Norris jewellery, we’ve had the pleasure to meet and work with a lovely lady called Sophie Sommer. Sophie has helped with our latest jewellery photoshoot and I’m so happy with the results. I asked her to tell us a little bit about herself so you can get to know the person behind these beautiful pics…


Meet Sophie Sommer

My name is Sophie Sommer, and I am a professional model. I’ve been doing this job for about 2 years now and it’s my passion. I model mainly fashion and swimwear and occasionally do some acting.


I got scouted when I worked as a receptionist at a hotel in Brighton, and had a test photoshoot which I enjoyed more than anything else I’ve ever done. I realised straight away that modelling makes me happy, I’ve always had a passion for fashion and beauty and secretly always dreamed about working in the industry, but I never thought I’d make it. Well, now I am signed with two elite modelling agencies in Brighton and London. It’s a dream come true and I truly feel like the luckiest person on earth.


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My inspiration, is actually inspiring other people. I always suffered from an incredibly low self esteem and feel ugly and unhappy with my style. Now, I’ve realised that there’s only ever one YOU, and beauty starts the moment you begin to be yourself and let your colours shine. And thinking that my story might help other people to find themselves, inspires me to do more.


My style always changes, but right now i think I’m in my Artsy, Pastel phase. It’s summer soon! I like white and pastel tones combined with trendy, sometimes sporty shoes and cute jewellery.


I spend a lot of time with my partner and my 7 week old Kitten at the moment, she’s so cute. I enjoy working out and going for long walks in the countryside, spend time with my loved ones and explore new places. Another big passion of mine is art, I like drawing and painting, especially landscapes and animal portraits.

“I would LOVE to model for victoria secret”

I am currently working on getting my YouTube Channel up and running, and creating lots of content for it, which is an exciting and fun experience.


I would LOVE to model for victoria secret, I’ve always dreamed about it. The wings, the lovely fashion is just so magical. Unfortunately I’m too small for the runway, but who knows. Maybe one day I will grow, haha!


Thank you for filling us in Sophie

Floral Sterling Silver Drop Earrings, EAN Jewellery


Why not follow Sophie Sommer here: Facebookor Instagram

What did you think?

Readers, what do you think of our new face of Elizabeth Anne Norris jewellery? Leave us questions or comments below, thank you.



Gift Suggestion – Travel Jewellery Roll

Gift Suggestion – Travel Jewellery Roll

The Ultimate Travel Jewellery Roll

Todays gift suggestion for the traveller and jewellery lover in your life is this fantastic travel jewellery roll by Punto Belle. I discovered these beautifully made travel jewellery cases, handmade by Lois, on Instagram. I particularly love this one so had to share it with you.

What is so special about this jewellery roll is that Lois also designs the fabrics to make them. The quality cotton fabric designs have bold shapes and vibrant colours. Lois says ‘My designs reflect my personality’. You’ll not find her unique fabrics any where else, only from her shop Punto Belle.

Punto Belle Ice Cream Jewellery roll
Punto Belle jewellery roll close up

Organise your jewellery

These jewellery rolls have everything you need to store your designer jewellery, the various straps and pockets creates unlimited ways of jewelry storage. They are perfect for travelling or just to keep your treasures organised and safe. Made with the highest quality fabrics and fittings they not only look good but will also stand the test of time.

And don’t stop at just choosing a jewellery roll, why not go mad with matching travel wallets, make up bags, coin pouches and more? Lois handmakes all her practical designs at her home-based studio in Leeds, West Yorkshire. Find out more about Punto Belle designs here.  

Need more gift inspiration?

As a jewellery lover myself this jewellery roll is firmly on my wish list. Hope Santa is listening! For more gift inspiration please read my handpicked gift suggestions: oak bracelet stand, deer jewellery stand, ceramic ring dish.

Which is your favourite? Please leave a comment below. Thank you.

Gift Suggestion – Oak Bracelet Stand

Gift Suggestion – Oak Bracelet Stand

Geert Bracelet Stand

Gift Suggestion – Oak Bracelet Stand

Since finding him on Instagram I’ve become a big admirer of the work that Geert from Wooddesigdforyou makes. It was difficult for me to choose one gift suggestion from his shop. I decided to share with you this beautiful Oak bracelet stand as one of my Christmas gift ideas. It’s a convenient place to store and display your bangles and bracelets as well as being a beautiful object itself.  I adore the simple style of the bracelet stand, the lovely silver detail, hand painted with eco friendly paint. I reckon it would look perfect on any ladies dressing table. Can you think of anyone who would love it?

Geert from Wood Designd For You

Geert designs his pieces in Belgium and describes himself as 49 years young 🙂 In his shop you will find wooden objects including some unusual items like the cat cave. He also designs a whole range of jewelry displays, toys, Christmas decorations and some beautifully engraved personalised items. All his pieces are made with a good eye for detail and finish, with a nod to Design, Humour and Colour. Geert also takes custom orders. I’m seriously tempted to design my own range of jewellery displays for exhibitions.

I recommend you take a look at Geert’s other work at wooddesigndforyou including this elegant oak bracelet stand click here. Have you seen my previous gift suggestions for the jewellery lover in you life? How about this festive deer jewellery stand or pretty ceramic ring dish? Which is your favourite? Please leave your comment below. Thanks.

Geert bracelet Stand 2
Gift Suggestion – Deer Jewellery Stands

Gift Suggestion – Deer Jewellery Stands

Amanda Coleman Deer Jewellery Stands 1

Deer Jewellery Stands

You may have seen my earlier post about the ceramic ring dish gift suggestion. This is the next in the series and and I have more to come so stay tuned.

I found these cute deer jewellery stands while browsing on Etsy. I love them so much so I thought I’d share them with you as a gift suggestion. Wouldn’t they make a lovely Christmas gift for those with loads of jewellery and nowhere to display it?

The design for the deer stands by Amanda Coleman came about in 2012 as a great display at exhibitions. Her stockists and customers took great interest in them. As a result, she decided to offer them in her shop for people to use at home. The idea of the jewellery stands is simplicity, simple shapes, slotted together to make beautiful decorative objects in their own right. They have the added bonus of being a perfect way to store jewellery at home.

Gift Ready Jewellery Stands

All the jewellery stands are flat packed so they are really easy to send as gifts. The wall mounted stand is a cheeky take on the stag head trophies so often found in grand old country houses. This design is great for necklaces as any length of chain can be hung from the antlers. They’re all designed and made in the UK using responsibly sourced wood.

Find out more about Amanda’s jewellery stands here –

Amanda is also a fellow jeweller and you can read about her journey into jewellery making and her inspiration here:

What do you think of these deer stands? Who would you give one to? Please leave a comment below as I’d love to know. Thanks.

Amanda Coleman Deer Jewellery Stands 2
Gift Suggestion – Ceramic Ring Dish

Gift Suggestion – Ceramic Ring Dish

Gift Suggestion – Ceramic Ring Dish

I thought it would be really helpful to share with you some amazing finds. I think these would make perfect gifts for the jewellery lover in your life. I’m a huge advocate of handmade and well made products so I’m excited to show you my pick of the best gift ideas.  

First up is this beautiful ceramic ring dish by Cat’s Ceramics. I love the textures and colours Cat uses in her pieces. I’d love to receive a gorgeous ceramic ring dish from Cat’s collection for Christmas. I hope you like it too.

I met Cat locally through craft fairs that we’ve exhibited in. Here’s a little bit about her and her work. Ceramic artist Cat Brown creates individually hand built stoneware ceramics, focusing on unique gifts, unusual tableware and home decorative art works. Made using traditional pottery hand building methods and techniques without the use of a wheel or moulds. Thoroughly routed in this ancient practise Cat’s pieces combine with modern contemporary design, mixing beauty and function, drawing on nature and in some cases literally using it to construct her pieces.

Ceramic Ring Dish by Cats Ceramics
Cats Ceramics Ceramic Ring Dish

Cat’s Inspiration

Deeply inspired by nature and the natural world, many of Cat’s designs feature the imprints and textures of real plants and flowers, tree bark and shells. She like’s to combine this love of nature with her passion for modern design to create unique and contemporary ceramics. They unite the old with the new, celebrate the beauty of things ‘imperfect’, relish the spontaneous and the individual touches, whilst incorporating eco friendly practises as much as possible.

A largely self taught artist, Cat is driven by an insatiable curiousness and desire for experimentation. Her range of ceramics has grown and developed over the years. Cat’s Ceramics is now stocked in galleries and shops across the UK and abroad. Her work has been featured in publications, blogs and online and she has recently collaborated with Anthropologie on a line like the ceramic ring dish featured here.

Connect and follow Cats Ceramics here


Etsy :

Instagram :

I hope this was useful for your Christmas shopping ideas. Who would you give this lovely ceramic ring dish to? I’d love to know so please leave a comment below. Thank you.