Launch! Online Ring Making Course

Launch! Online Ring Making Course

Yesterday I told you I had announcement to make today and here it is.


Your complete beginners guide to creating a silver ring at home is here…

Through bite sized videos and a comprehensive workbook this online course will equip you with all the knowledge to make a beautiful silver ring to be proud of…

online ring making course 1

Does this sound like you ?

  • You’re curious about jewellery making but don’t know where to start, unsure what jewellery tools you need or whether you’ll enjoy jewellery making.
  • You’d love to learn jewellery making but don’t want to spend loads of money or join a membership, academy or college.
  • The courses you’ve researched are too long, not available right now, aren’t near you, not at convenient times, are fully booked or require a big commitment

Imagine all of this made easy…

  1. This online course will set you up at home by following easy videos showing you how to set up your workspace. Tool lists broken down into 8 steps to follow the course. Estimated tool costs so you can plan and spread your budget as you want. Included are 5 videos, done for you tool lists, clickable links to reputable tool suppliers.
  1. This online course will guide you through the making process from start to finish with easy to follow videos so you can take the course in your own time, at your own pace. Turn your idea into reality and create a beautiful silver ring you can wear forever. Included are 1hour and 50 minutes of video tutorials and a 31 page workbook.
  1. This online course will support you all the way by joining a FB community of other students taking this course. Share your progress with others, enjoy a fun learning experience together and network opening possibilities to buy and sell second hand jewellery tools with past and present students. Included are: dedicated FB group, homework hashtags, FAQ topics
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online ring making course 3

On this course you’ll get lifetime access to:

  • Clear instructional videos showing you how to set up your workspace at home
  • Videos talking you through the jewellery tools you’ll need for this course
  • A list of my recommended tool and silver suppliers
  • 1 hour and 50 minute of step by step video tutorials walking you through my 8 proven steps to make a silver ring
  • Worth £125

A 31 page comprehensive workbook including:

  • Step by step written instructions
  • Safety tips
  • Before and after expectations for each step of the course
  • Jewellery tools needed for each step of the course
  • Direct links to researched tool suppliers to save you money
  • Top tips
  • Fun homework prompts
  • Suggested hashtags to share progress pics
  • Worth £85
online ring making course 5
online ring making course 6

Supportive Community:

  • Learn from your award winning jeweller and teacher who’s made over 1000 rings to date.
  • The opportunity to join a supportive community over on a dedicated FB group where you can connect with other students taking this online course, ask questions and find answers to FAQs
  • Worth £££


  • A tools and consumables list with estimated costs so you can budget accordingly
  • Done for you ring length calculator
  • Coupon code for a free ring multi-sizer
  • Worth £59
online ring making course 7

Total value of the above is worth £269+

But it’s yours today for only £64.99

online ring making course testimonial 1
online ring making course testimonial 2


Q: How much do I need to spend on jewellery tools. A: I’ve calculated you’ll need approx £40 on consumables and £100 on tools. Because I’ve broken down the tool lists for each step you can spread your spending and only order tools as and when you need them. 

Q: How much space will I need? A: You’ll need a table and a chair. I started making jewellery on an office desk but you can use the kitchen table, a desk or pick up an old table from a charity shop. 

Q: I’ve never used tools before and am worried about safety. A: I include lots of safety tips in my tutorials and as long as you follow those and are sensible you should be fine. If you have any concerns please contact me.

Q: I’m not based in the UK, is this online course for me? A: Yes, this course if for anyone who wants to learn the basics of silver jewellery making. Whilst there are links to reputable suppliers based in the UK you can research for tool suppliers nearer to you. Please be aware that if you order tools and bullion from abroad you may be charged import taxes. Check your local import export rules.

In making this online course I’ve scoured the internet and can’t find a stand alone online ring making course like this anywhere in the UK. I’ve also researched some of the best value tools so you don’t have to, just click the links in the course workbook, Easy! Let me bring the jewellery tutor to you, my 22 years of jewellery making expertise are just a click away. If you’re a complete beginner this is the perfect course for you. I’m literally sharing all the info you need to start your jewellery making journey at home and I know you’re going to love it!

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Still undecided?

My 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you buy and you’re not satisfied here is what I’ll offer you…

So confident am I that you will be able to make a silver ring after completing this course that: if you complete the course and the workbook and are still not able to make a silver ring I will offer you a full refund.

(refund available within 28 days of purchase)

I can’t wait to help you create your own silver ring and to learn my 8 Proven Steps to Make a Silver Ring. Won’t you dive in with me… ?

If this isn’t for you right now, don’t worry. Sign up to my mailing list to find out about future courses. Tick the “online jewellery courses” box for what you’d like to hear about.

Left a Google review yet?

Left a Google review yet?

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Google Review

I’m delighted to say that I recently received a Google review from a lovely customers of mine.

For me it’s invaluable to receive a Google review as it gives potential customers or students impartial information about my jewellery business. I can tell you that I love my job with a passion and want to give my very best to all my customers but doesn’t it sound even more convincing coming from those who’ve actually experienced it for themselves? If people find my business as a result of a Google Search or on Google Maps they can read a public Google review that my customers have left.

Click here to read Sue and Laura’s review  

Are you one of my customers or students? Would you like to leave a Google review on my business? You can click here to do so and follow the link ‘write a review’.

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Thank you so much, Elizabeth

Feedback from Emma’s jewellery classes

Feedback from Emma’s jewellery classes

I really can’t believe that I’ve been teaching jewellery making to adults for 5 years. My first jewellery classes were in October 2011. I’ve been going back through the feedback from my students and found this below from one of my very first students Emma. Emma came for a 3 hour jewellery making workshop which is suitable for beginners, and made this sterling silver ring. Below is the feedback she gave me after one of my jewellery classes:

“Thanks again so much for the class. I can’t believe I learnt so much in such a short space of time and came away with a piece of jewellery I made myself! Thanks for your patient guidance and kindness.” (Student Emma)

It makes me happy when I hear feedback like that. Thanks Emma. I really enjoy teaching silversmithing and jewellery making to my students and long may it continue!

If you want to make a silver ring or want to learn jewellery making, I offer a range of  jewellery classes and workshops at my studio in Birmingham. Click here to read about the jewellery making courses on offer.

Got any questions about my jewellery classes? Please leave a comment below, thanks.

What Jewellery tools do I need ?

What Jewellery tools do I need ?

What Jewellery tools do I need ?

Thinking of getting some jewellery tools?

If you are thinking about making jewellery then here is some information about jewellery lessons and what jewellery tools you need. I hope you find it useful.

With the inclination, almost anyone can teach themselves simple wire and bead jewellery at home but if you are considering doing silversmithing and jewellery i.e. metal work at a workbench then I’d say you will definitely need some lessons.

Beginner’s lessons in silversmithing and jewellery can be sought in several ways. Either look for a short evening course in jewellery and silversmithing at a local college or find a local jewellery designer who will teach you at their studio.  Evening classes are usually in a larger group and therefore less expensive and give you a good taste of what jewellery making is all about. If you can afford a bit more I’d highly recommend arranging private or small group lessons with a jewellery teacher at their studio. You learn the basic skills of jewellery making , how to use jewellery tools and so much more. Often it’s the hints and tips you can only get from your tutor in an intimate situation that you find most useful and never forget. My first jewellery lessons were with a group of 4 students taught by Jackie Jones. It was here I fell in love with working in silver.

 What you should have in your tool box:

You can continue to learn silversmithing and jewellery all your life and there are countless jewellery tools for the job so once you’ve established that you want to continue learning jewellery making, either as a hobby or more seriously, you need to get yourself tooled up. Here is the list of jewellery tools for beginner’s and some photos. These are the first jewellery tools I purchased in 2002 and there still very much in working order. Ask the tool supplier if they will offer a discount for tools if you are buying a beginners set. As you progress you can add to your tools as and when you need them.

  1. Tool box
  2. Safety goggles
  3. Scriber
  4. Parallel pliers smooth jaw 5 inches
  5. Half round pliers
  6. Round nose pliers
  7. Flat pliers
  8. Shears for cutting solder
  9. Needle files (three-square, square round, flat, crossing, barrette)
  10. Hand files (half round (cut 2), sage leaf/crossing (cut 2), flat (cut 2)) and handles
  11. Soldering block
  12. Borax brush/cone/dish (or auflux liquid and dish)
  13. Eclipse saw frame
  14. Saw blades (2/0 for beginners)
  15. Pair of dividers
  16. Steel ruler
  17. Spring gauge or vernier gauge
  18. Steel tweezers
  19. Emery paper (one sheet of each 240, 500, 1200, 2000)

Photos courtesy of HSWalsh



parallel pliers

parallel pliers

saw frame

saw frame



My recommended suppliers of quality jewellery tools:

Being able to work with precious metals and make beautiful things is very satisfying. If you have any questions about what tools to get please get in contact with me here or read about the jewellery making courses we offer here.

Thanks for reading. Was it useful?