green friday and Crisis

Green Friday and Crisis

🌿 I hate Black Friday. 🌿 There, I said it!

My inbox fills up with crazy black friday sales emails. It’s overwhelming. As a small business I feel pressured into taking part of the madness. It’s stressful. I’m opting out of Black Friday & I encourage you to adopt a Green Friday approach instead. Why not go outside, soak up any rays of sunshine out there today. Walk in the woods, smell a flower, swoosh your feet through the autumn leaves. Take time to breath and appreciate some nature today.


Supporting Crisis at Christmas

However, if you do decide to order any Christmas gifts from my online jewellery shop today through to 28 November Monday I will donate 10% to Crisis at Christmas, a homeless charity I have volunteered for and totally admire. Crisis offers help with things we take for granted like the roof over our heads, daily showers, hair cuts and even Christmas dinner. The help they provide homeless and vulnerable people extends far beyond the week over Christmas. What they do is truly remarkable. 

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