Gift Suggestion – Ceramic Ring Dish

Gift Suggestion – Ceramic Ring Dish

Gift Suggestion – Ceramic Ring Dish

I thought it would be really helpful to share with you some amazing finds. I think these would make perfect gifts for the jewellery lover in your life. I’m a huge advocate of handmade and well made products so I’m excited to show you my pick of the best gift ideas.  

First up is this beautiful ceramic ring dish by Cat’s Ceramics. I love the textures and colours Cat uses in her pieces. I’d love to receive a gorgeous ceramic ring dish from Cat’s collection for Christmas. I hope you like it too.

I met Cat locally through craft fairs that we’ve exhibited in. Here’s a little bit about her and her work. Ceramic artist Cat Brown creates individually hand built stoneware ceramics, focusing on unique gifts, unusual tableware and home decorative art works. Made using traditional pottery hand building methods and techniques without the use of a wheel or moulds. Thoroughly routed in this ancient practise Cat’s pieces combine with modern contemporary design, mixing beauty and function, drawing on nature and in some cases literally using it to construct her pieces.

Ceramic Ring Dish by Cats Ceramics
Cats Ceramics Ceramic Ring Dish

Cat’s Inspiration

Deeply inspired by nature and the natural world, many of Cat’s designs feature the imprints and textures of real plants and flowers, tree bark and shells. She like’s to combine this love of nature with her passion for modern design to create unique and contemporary ceramics. They unite the old with the new, celebrate the beauty of things ‘imperfect’, relish the spontaneous and the individual touches, whilst incorporating eco friendly practises as much as possible.

A largely self taught artist, Cat is driven by an insatiable curiousness and desire for experimentation. Her range of ceramics has grown and developed over the years. Cat’s Ceramics is now stocked in galleries and shops across the UK and abroad. Her work has been featured in publications, blogs and online and she has recently collaborated with Anthropologie on a line like the ceramic ring dish featured here.

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I hope this was useful for your Christmas shopping ideas. Who would you give this lovely ceramic ring dish to? I’d love to know so please leave a comment below. Thank you.