My 30 Day Jewellery Challenge

My 30 Day Jewellery Challenge

My 30 Day Jewellery Challenge on Instagram

I’m currently taking part in a 30 day jewellery challenge over on Instagram. You can follow my progress here to see how I’m doing.

Elizabeth Anne Norris Jewellery Challenge on Instagram

Why I decided to take part in the jewellery challenge

If you’re asking yourself why I decided to take part in the jewellery challenge, I’ll tell you. If you’ve read my previous blog post about setting goals you’ll know I like to set myself challenges and goals. This is a good way for me to learn, improve and progress with Elizabeth Anne Norris Jewellery.

When I stumbled upon a comment about an Instagram course, run by Jessica from the Jewellery Academy it piqued my interest. I thought it would be a good way to refresh my enthusiasm for Instagram and learn some new ways I get the message about my sustainably made jewellery across to my followers. I took a look at the course and signed up immediately.

Part of the Instagram course is a 30 day instagram challenge that I’m currently on day 8 of. You can see what I’ve posted on Instagram so far here.

Floral Hearts Necklace - Jewellery Challenge on Instagram

What’s the jewellery challenge all about?

The jewellery challenge on Instagram has been set by Jessica from the Jewellery Academy. The jewellery challenge consists of 30 days of prompts as suggestions for what to post on Instagram. The prompts include:

  • A photo of yourself
  • Work in progress pics
  • Jewellery close ups
  • A jewellery collection
  • Inspiring quotes
  • Where the jewellery can be bought
  • Videos
  • The list goes on

Following these prompts, the challenge is to post something relevant each day for 30 days in a row, no easy task!

Probably the most important part of the challenge, for me, is to clarify the take home message I want my followers to have about my handmade sustainable jewellery. To me the key factors are:

  • To appeal to those who appreciate high quality made to last jewellery
  • The importance of offering sustainable jewellery that is ethically made
  • That most of my jewellery and packaging is made from recycled materials
  • My passion for handmade jewellery over mass produced manufactured jewellery
  • My love of tools and the traditional jewellery making process

Along with each post on Instagram we have been asked to include the hashtag #30daysofjewellery. This means that all the jewellers taking part in the jewellery challenge can search this hashtag and follow each others progress. It’s been a lovely way to meet and get to know other jewellers on Instagram.

The hashtag #30daysofjewellery is not only for jewellers. If you use Instagram you can go to the search tab and type in this hashtag to find all the jewellers taking part in the jewellery challenge too.

Work in progress - jewellery challenge on instagram


Check out how I’m doing and leave your comment

So far the 30 day jewellery challenge on Instagram has been fun, challenging, and a great way to meet other jewellers and find out about my followers.

I urge you to pop over to Instagram now, follow me and see what you think of my challenge. You can visit my Instagram page here. Please leave your feedback and comments in reply to the questions on my posts. I’d love to hear from you.

Thanks for reading.

Jewellery collection - jewellery challenge on instagram