Frequently Asked Questions

(aka FAQs)

I do get a lot of different questions about the jewellery services I offer. Below are the most frequently asked questions and answers of course! I hope you find what you are looking for but If not I am more than happily answer anything. Do get in touch via message, social media or click here to call me.

Making Your Own Wedding Rings

Q. How much is the wedding ring making workshop? A. The workshops currently cost £400 per couple (this will go up to £425 in September 2023) excluding the costs of the materials which are outlined below.

Q. We are getting married on XX. How long before the wedding should we make our rings? A. I would advise you to make your rings at least 6-8 weeks before your wedding just in case you need any additions to your rings like stones, hallmarking, plating, hand engraving etc.

Q. Please can you tell me what availability you have for upcoming workshops? A. You’ll find my schedule of wedding ring making workshops listed here: Make Your Own Wedding Rings Booking Page Simply click on any date you would like and add it to your basket. From here continue to online payment as if you were purchasing any other product online.

Q. Is there parking at the studio? A. There is no parking at the studio itself but there is on pay and display street parking opposite and the jewellery quarter multi storey car park 2 minutes walk.

Q. We’d like to include some engraving on our rings is that possible? A. There are number, letter and some symbol stamps at the workshop. I’ll show you how you can personalise your rings with these. Here are some examples of hand stamped rings in this gallery: Personalised Jewellery Gallery

Q. If you hand stamp letters/words on the outside of the ring then is it permanent? A. I’ll show you how to use the metal stamps to personalise your ring. If you make a mistake the letters/numbers can be filed off so you can start again.

Q. We are coming to Birmingham from out of town and may struggle to get to town for a 2pm start. Is it possible to start a little later? A. Yes, let me know what time you think you might arrive and I’m sure I can accommodate.

Q. We’d like our rings hallmarked. How long does that take? A. Hallmarking takes 2 weeks and costs approximately £30 per ring.

Q. We don’t know our ring sizes? A. You can either measure your ring size at home following these instructions: or if you email me your address I will post you a complimentary ring size tool.

Q. We have some gold rings that we’d like to melt down to make our own rings from, can we do that? A. It’s not possible to melt down gold jewellery that you have to make into your wedding rings. It might be possible to use elements of the rings you have, like stones. Please ask to see what is possible.

Q. Can we make our wedding rings from Platinum? A. Unfortunately not, I only have facilities at the workshop to work with either sterling silver or gold.

Q. How much will the gold cost to make our rings? A. Here are some approximate costs: A sterling silver ring is usually between £10-25. A 9ct white, yellow or rose gold lady’s ring  is usually £120 to £400, and a man’s between £160 and £600. An 18ct white, yellow or rose gold lady’s ring  will be £600 to £800, and a man’s ring approximately £700 to £2000.

Q. What happens if we make our rings completely wrong? A. You don’t need to worry. After discussing your ring designs I will show you step by step how to make them. We don’t proceed to the next step until the previous step has been completed successfully. I’m there the whole time to guide you and help out should anything go wrong. Most things can be rectified. I have a fully equipped jewellery workshop with all the necessary tools and know how. I have shown many couples how to make their wedding rings and everyone has gone away completely thrilled with their creations.

Q. Can we see examples of wedding rings that have been made in your workshop? A. Yes, here is a gallery of wedding rings that couples have made with me: Wedding Ring Gallery

Q. What is your policy on changing bookings? Is it possible to change a date for a workshop if enough notice is given? A. You can change the date of your workshop up to 2 weeks beforehand. Simply contact me as soon as possible when you want to change the date.

Q. If we need to cancel our workshop can we get a refund? A: Should you wish to cancel your workshop please contact me as soon as possible. If you cancel with more that 3 weeks to go you can receive a full refund minus 1.5% Stripe fee. If you cancel with more than 2 weeks to go and we have had our telephone consultation you can receive a refund minus £35 consultation fee + 1.5% Stripe fee. If you cancel within 2 weeks of your workshop date no refund can be given. This is because there will not be time for me to book in another couple to make their wedding rings on that date. Thank you for understanding.

Jewellery Making Classes and Workshops

Q. Are you running jewellery making classes ? A. Unfortunately, I am not running in-person jewellery making classes at the moment. I have put together a fabulous online jewellery course for complete beginners to make a silver ring at home. Click here to find out more.

Private Tuition

Q. Do you do private jewellery tuition? A. I’ve just start A. Unfortunately, I am not running in-person jewellery making classes at the moment. I have put together a fabulous online jewellery course for complete beginners to make a silver ring at home. Click here to find out more.

Q. Do you teach gem polishing? A. Unfortunately, no I do not have the knowledge and facilities for gem polishing.

Gift Vouchers

Q. I’d like to buy a gift voucher for our friends/relatives to make their own wedding rings. Can it include a personal message? A. Yes, I can personalise your gift voucher to include the name, a short message and who the voucher is from too if you like? You can purchase your gift voucher online here.


Q. I’d like to know more about how to commission a piece of jewelleryA. Unfortunately I’m unable to carry out commissions at the present time.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you carry out jewellery repairs? A.  A. Unfortunately I’m unable to carry out repairs at the present time.

Q. We’re looking for a local jeweller to assist us with the production of a number of items. Can you help us with that? A. Unfortunately, I don’t produce work for other companies mainly due to the time constraints. 

Q. Do you rent out bench space for other jewellers to use? A. I do have a spare jewellers bench for hire. Please contact me here to find out more.