1-2-1 Jewellery Tuition

“Bespoke jewellery making tuition for your bespoke jewellery design”


When:  Friday afternoons or we can arrange specific times to suit your needs
Where:  Birmingham Jewellery Quarter

I am often approached to ask if I can help people with a one off special piece of jewellery. These one to one jewellery sessions are ideal for this sort of design project. Even if you have no prior jewellery making experience but want to be hands on in the making process I can help you bring your design idea to life. 

These one to one jewellery tuition sessions can be booked by the hour to fit into your timetable. With my expertise and a fully equipped jewellery workshop at your disposal I can help you make your jewellery idea into a reality! I recommend booking 2 or 3 hour sessions at a time. If you’d like an estimate of how long your jewellery idea is going to take to make please message me here.

Is this the tuition for me? 

These one to one jewellery tuition sessions are for anyone with enthusiasm and a design idea in mind. We can discuss your jewellery design first to see that it is possible. Then I can put together a quote for the materials (either silver, gold or a mixture of both) for you.  In the 1-2-1 tuition sessions you will use traditional jewellery-making techniques to make your piece of jewellery from start to finish. I’m always there to step in and take over if necessary. If you have any questions at all about these sessions or would like a quote for materials please get in touch.

Tuition Timetable

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How does it work and what will I learn?

In these 1-2-1 jewellery tuitions sessions you can bring your own jewellery design idea and I guide you through the making process from start to finish. You probably won’t finish your design in one session, and can just book as many sessions as you need to complete it. Over the course of making your piece, you gain experience and become more accomplished in traditional metalmithing techniques including:
rolling mill
  • measuring and marking out your design in metal
  • cutting out your design from sterling silver and or gold using a piercing saw and filing them to perfect the shape
  • using a blowtorch to soften (anneal) the metal so that you can shape it or texture it using a hammer with punches and blocks, or using pliers
  • soldering the component pieces together using solder, flux and a soldering torch
  • cleaning, finishing and polishing your jewellery to finish
Stone Setting: You may want to set stones into your jewellery but stone setting is quite tricky for a beginner. I can either set the stones for you or arrange for them to be done by a recommended stone setter.

You will feel at home as everything is explained and demonstrated for you.  If you think the demonstrations are easy then you know it is being done by an expert!! As with anything you see in life, if it looks easy when the teacher is doing it, then you know the person doing it is an artist at their craft, and Elizabeth is both.


Dentist, Craigweil Dental Practice

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The practical details

Class size: 1 Student Only

Tuition Cost: £45 per hour (excluding materials)

Material Cost: The costs of gold and silver vary according to the design. Usually we discuss your design and I send you a quote for materials before you go ahead with the 1-2-1 tuition. Materials are paid for in advance so that they can be ordered in prior to your tuition session. You’ll need to know several things before I can give you a quote: The materials you wish to use, the dimensions of your design, ring size (if necessary). If you require stones for your design I can either quote for these or you can provide your own. I can also recommend a good stone supplier if you wish to source your own.

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If you would like a quote for materials for your jewellery design please get in touch.


Availability and Booking

I came with my friend Amy and we loved it.  She made a ring with her daughters name and I made a thumb ring. We had an excellent day in a great environment with a great and patient trainer. I have recommended you to many people.



Below are a few images of jewellery pieces that I’ve helped people make

1-2-1 Jewellery Tuition

For a special jewellery making project or to progress your jewellery making skills, these 1-2-1 jewellery tuition sessions are ideal. Book by the hour.

When: Friday afternoons

Where: Birmingham Jewellery Quarter

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