Make your own Wedding Rings

Design and make your very own gold or silver rings for the big day

When:  Make your own wedding rings workshops run on Thursdays and Saturdays from 2:00pm – 6:00pm
Where: Birmingham Jewellery Quarter

There’s usually so much planning involved in a wedding, that it can all get a bit stressful. So why not take some time out together in Birmingham and tick a big ‘to-do’ off your wedding planning list?

Book a make your own wedding rings workshop rather than spending endless hours on Google or wandering from jeweller to jeweller in search of the perfect ring. Instead, walk out of my studio just a few hours after you walk in with beautiful original rings that are perfectly ‘you’.

What kind of wedding rings can we make?

You can create your wedding bands using white gold, rose gold, yellow gold or sterling silver. Combine two of these metals if you like. You can stamp your partner’s name, your wedding date or a special message inside your ring. Also, add textures to the silver or gold, and even combine gold and silver elements.

It’s amazing what you can create in a few hours without any previous experience of traditional jewellery-making techniques. I’ll guide you and I’ll advise you on what is achievable. It really is possible for everyone to make your own wedding rings.

Below are a few examples of wedding rings and engagement rings that couples have handcrafted in my studio.

Stone-setting and engraving require a bit more jewellery-making experience, and if these are things you would like, I can arrange to have these done for you.

Tom and Jess very pleased with their rings

How does it work?

A couple of weeks before your workshop, we arrange a half-hour consultation to chat through your design or ideas. I’d love to meet you in person, but a chat over Skype or on the phone can work just as well.  

I give you a brief overview of what you can achieve as a complete beginner, and then we can discuss your ring design. If you’re using gold in your wedding band designs, I’ll measure your ring fingers so that I can order the materials you need or help you to calculate your own ring size. If you’re not sure what you want, I’m always happy to make some suggestions and show you some examples.

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How will the day go?

On the day of the make your own wedding rings workshop, you have some tea and special-occasion biscuits while I talk you through the tools and the techniques you’ll be using.  As you finish each step in the process I explain the next one.  To make your wedding rings you:

  • cut a length of silver or gold for your ring
  • cut out any other elements using a piercing saw and file them to perfect the shape
  • use a blowtorch to soften (anneal) the metal so that you can shape it using a hammer
  • use a blowtorch to soften (anneal) the metal so that you can shape it or texture it using a hammer with punches and blocks, or using pliers
  • solder the metal into a ring using flux and a soldering torch
  • shape the ring into a perfect circle
  • double check again that it fits (!!)
  • finish your ring by burnishing, polishing and/or oxidising it.
  • Click here for the wedding rings gallery

Once you’re both finished you’ll receive a celebratory goodie bag with champagne and chocolaates. I put your totally original hand-crafted wedding rings into their box for you to take away.

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polishing the ring

How much does the make your own wedding ring workshop cost?

The workshop itself costs £375 for you as a couple (increasing to £400 in January 2023). There’s a separate charge for the gold or sterling silver you use.  

Silver is charged per gram and the cost of one silver ring is usually between £5 and £25.

The gold I order in, and I can give you a quote for this after we’ve have our initial consultation. If you do want to make a gold wedding ring, here’s a rough idea of what the gold will cost depending of course on your design and your ring size:

  • A 9ct white, yellow or rose gold lady’s ring  is usually £100 to £350, and a man’s between £150 and £500.
  • An 18ct white, yellow or rose gold lady’s ring  will be £300 to £1000, and a man’s ring approximately £450 to £1500.

Other optional costs could include engraving (£50+ per ring), hallmarking (£30 per ring), and stone setting (£30 per stone + the cost of the stone) *approximate costs.

How do we book?

You can book yourselves in online by selecting the date you want and making your payment at the checkout.

Or click here to call me or email me with any questions about making your own wedding rings workshop. 

Find the answers to Frequently Asked Questions here:  FAQs page here.


Such a fabulous afternoon! We can’t wait to wear our rings in June.*
Jess and Tom


Cherese and Dave's beautiful rings

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