15 Natural Remedies for Long Covid

15 Natural Remedies for Long Covid

15 natural remedies for long covid 1

Natural ways to relief

I believe I’ve had Long Covid since March 2020. Since then I’ve tried many things to cure it. Here I share 15 natural remedies for Long Covid that have provided relief from the symptoms I’m experiencing. Although some of my symptoms have lessened or disappeared completely I still have persistent ailments that are bothersome and impact my life. You may want to read what I’ve previously written about my Long Covid symptoms and some of the remedies I tried.

15 things I’ve tried that Long Covid relief

Some of my symptoms have disappeared naturally with time. My taste and smell has returned to normal now, which took 1.5 yrs. My breathing is much better, possibly with the help of walking and meditation. My headaches have returned to normal. Below I’ve listed my remaining symptoms plus 15 Natural Remedies for Long Covid that I have found helpful for my symptoms. They may help you even if you only experience 1 or 2 of these symptoms.

For Sinus pain & post nasal drip

1. Eucalyptus inhalations – Since having Covid I have had chronic sinusitis. I’ve found doing a eucalyptus inhalation for sinus pain in the morning really helps. The steam and eucalyptus vapours help to clear the sinus passages and ease breathing.

2. Nasal lavage – I have found some relief from daily nasal lavage with saline solution. The saline and hyaluronic acid mix helps to keep the nasal passages clean.

For Swollen & painful neck glands

3. CBD oil – One of the most annoying symptoms of Long Covid is painful swollen neck glands. I have found this topical cbd oil helps to relieve painful neck glands. I do also take paracetamol.

4. Lymphatic drainage – Having watched this video I perform lymphatic drainage on my neck whilst showering in the morning. It’s advisable to drink lots of water following lymphatic drainage.

For Sore throat & hoarse voice 

5. Echinacea & sage throat spray – after a course of herbal treatment with Hannah Charman I have stuck with this soothing spray of echinacea and sage for sore throat and hoarse voice.

For Chronic Fatigue

6. Rest – The most debilitating symptom of long covid is chronic fatigue. I am still learning how much exercise is too much. If I overdo it I’m plagued with post exertion fatigue. This can last for a couple of days to a couple of weeks. Rest is the only answer when I feel like this.

7. A better sleep routine – find a good sleep routine that works for you and stick to it. Sleep is so important in the recovery of this post viral illness.

8. Manage workload – I have had to come to terms with my new energy levels and have changed my workload accordingly. Luckily I’m self employed so can do that easily but I realise for others this may be more difficult. Planning more breaks than normal is key and listening to your body.

For General symptoms

9. Cold water therapy – Cold water is amazing and I love my cold showers now! Without going to the extremes of Wim Hoff’s ice baths I’ve found cold water to be one of the best things for Long Covid relief. Watch this video to get started.

  • Please ask your doctor if it’s ok for you to take cold showers before you start. 


15 natural remedies for long covid 2
15 natural remedies for long covid 4

For Stress & Uncertainty

10. Meditation – Being unwell for such a long time has its mental effects. I’ve found meditation and breathing to be very beneficial for my lungs as well as my mental health. I have tried various lengths of time for meditations but found 15 minutes to be effective and fits into my daily routine.

11. Talking therapy – The uncertainty of when I will be well again is worrying and I have found talking things through with a therapist helps me a lot.

12. Gratitude diary – Mindfulness is a great practice for everyone but especially for Long Covid relief. I write 3 things I’m grateful for plus one thing I accomplished each day. Like a drip effect, the small benefits of writing daily in a gratitude diary increases to a much bigger and better life outlook. It certainly helps put everything in perspective.

For General wellness

13. Pilates – From my experience of Long Covid you really don’t want to over do it! I’ve experienced massive setbacks in my health from overdoing it. I enjoy Pilates with Kate so much. Pilates is a slow but powerful exercise that helps build your core strength. Because it is low impact it is one of the only exercises I can do with my long covid.

14. Mediterranean diet for inflammation – Some theories say Long Covid comes about from inflammation in the body. As well as being delicious a mediterranean diet is good to reduce inflammation in the body. I certainly love cooking and eating delicious food so I highly recommend a mediterranean diet for your health as well as for Long Covid relief. There are many recipe books available online.

15. Supplements – I’ve found some benefit from taking the following supplements daily. High dose vitamin C and D. Mitochondrial resuscitate tablets really help my energy levels, it’s expensive but worth it I think.

15 natural remedies for long covid

What helps you the most?

Unfortunately, I cannot provide a cure for Long Covid but I hope by sharing what is helping me it may help your symptoms become more manageable too. Why not try some or all of my 15 natural remedies for Long Covid. I really hope they help you. Although these things have helped me I can’t guarantee they will help you. Also, I’m not a doctor or qualified medically in any way so please do seek medical advice before trying any of these natural remedies.

Please comment below to let me know which of the above is the most beneficial to you.

Thank you and take good care of yourself, Elizabeth

*I am not affiliated to any of the recommended supplies or companies and do not receive any benefits from promoting them.