Why I got excited watching the Apprentice this week!

Why I got excited watching the Apprentice this week!

Read on if you want to know the reasons I got so excited watching the Apprentice this week…

I love watching the Apprentice

The Apprentice is so entertaining for it’s cringe factor. If you’ve not seen the program before, a group of entrepreneurs, the apprentice candidates, go through a rigorous interview process on TV with the goal to become Lord Sugar’s apprentice. Each week they are put in 2 teams and set business tasks which invariably go hilariously wrong. After each task, they are grilled on their performance and one candidate is fired. This continues until one winner remains.

Brighton Photo by Dorisner

Filmed in my home town

This weeks task, sweet making, took place in the seaside town where I’ve lived for 20 years. It’s always fun to see places you know on your screen. Oliver’s team ‘Nebula’ made traditional and quirky ice cream rock and Salt and vinegar fudge. They rode a candy striped tricycle through the heart of the Lanes, selling candy to the public. They also pitched their pillow sweets to one chosen corporate client.

Award winning sparkling wine from Bolney

Bolney Wine Estate was that Client!

The multi award winning Bolney Wine Estate is where to find me on 19 November. I’m so excited to have been invited to show my handmade designer jewellery at Bolney wine estate Christmas Fayre this year. This festive family event will include locally made art, crafts, foods, hampers, and a magical Winter Grotto. Personally, I’ll be doing my christmas shopping there plus I’m keen to try their gold medal winning sparkling wine.

Come along! More information here  or   Ogle at Bolney’s multitude of awards

It was all about knowing what your customer wants

Secretly I also watch The Apprentice for any insights into being an entrepreneur from the master, Lord Sugar and his apprentices. This week’s episode focused on knowing what your customer wants and this got me thinking. So, I’d like to end this post by asking you a question.

What would YOU like to see from me next? I’d love to know so hit me with any suggestions in the comments below please.

jewellery commission in progress