Choosing your wedding ring shape

Choosing your wedding ring shape

Wedding ring shape is the first hurdle

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When I start talking with couples about design ideas, choosing the wedding ring shape seems to be your first hurdle. The problem might arise from the different descriptors or language that a jeweller uses? Newly engaged partners, having measured their ring sizes, can now start on their journey to choose their wedding rings. But not understanding the lingo and the options available can make things confusing or overwhelming at first. I’ve written this article to explain to you the different wedding ring shape options. I hope this will help simplify the first step in the process of finding your perfect wedding rings.

The difference between shape and style

wedding ring shape

There are 6 main wedding ring shapes, and I don’t mean other than round. Most rings are round unless you are going for something really out of the ordinary. By the word shape we mean the shape of the ring if you were to cut a slice through the band and look at it sideways. Shape refers to the shape of the ring band itself, the metal part if you like. The image above shows a drawing of what I mean. The main 6 ring shapes are court, D shape, flat court, flat sided court, halo and flat.

Flat shaped wedding ring

If we start with the flat shaped wedding ring because it’s the easiest to describe. A flat ring band is flat on the top, flat inside and has flat edges.

D shape wedding ring

A D shape wedding ring is flat on the inside and curved on the top edge. The depth of the curve can vary making the ring lightweight, medium weight or heavy weight.

Halo shape wedding ring

A halo shape wedding ring has a completely round cross section.

Flat Court

A flat court shape wedding ring is flat on the outside and curved on the inside. It’s almost like the opposite of a D shape ring. This shape gives the illusion of being a flat shape ring but the inside curve makes it more comfortable to wear. With less metal touching the finger is doesn’t feel as wide. This shape works well for wider rings.


A court shape wedding ring is curved on the outside and curved on the inside. This shape gives the appearance of a D shape ring but the curved inside makes it more comfortable to wear.

Flat sided court

Finally a flat side court wedding ring is very similar to a court wedding ring shape but with the addition of flat edges. The nearest I can compare it to is a flat shape ring but with rounded off edges. It makes it a very comfortable ring to wear. This shape works well when the height measurement is bigger.

Width vs Height of your wedding ring

wedding ring shape post

It’s good to understand the dimensions “width” and “height” when you are discussing wedding ring designs. The image below helps explain the width and height measurement of a ring. 

The width of your wedding ring is how wide it is across your finger. Typical ring widths are anything from 2-8mm wide. 

The height of your wedding ring can also be referred to as thickness because it is determined by the thickness of the metal that’s used to make your wedding ring. A typical height of a wedding ring is 1mm-2.5mm.

Match to your engagement ring

If you are still unsure about which ring shape to pick, it might be a good idea to match these to your engagement ring, if you have one. A professional jeweller can help identify the shape, width and height of your engagement ring.

Good as Gold ?

I hope this post has defined the different wedding ring shape options available to you. It can help to try on different shaped wedding rings to see what shape and width you prefer. If you need any guidance in choosing your wedding ring feel free to contact me with any questions. You can click here to call me or here to message me. Thanks for reading, Elizabeth

You could make wedding rings like this

You could make wedding rings like this

You could make wedding rings like this

Do you like the look of these wedding rings made in my wedding ring making workshop? Many couples have spent the day with me so I thought I’d show you the variety of the wedding rings that they made. If you book before 14 January 2019 there’s £50 off too.

Here’s a selection of rings couples have made

The make your own wedding rings workshop is exclusive for one couple and is held at our Birmingham workshop. After a consultation to discuss wedding ring designs couples made their wedding rings themselves in gold and silver. The process was demonstrated step by step from experienced teacher and jeweller Elizabeth Anne Norris and these are the results.

Tom and Lixi made their rings in sterling silver

Tom and Lixi make wedding rings


Emma and Jamie made their wedding rings in 18 carat yellow gold

Emma and Jamie make wedding rings


Amy and Sam made a patterned ring and a chevron ring

Amy and Same make wedding rings


Tasha and Tom made gorgeous hammered rings in 9 carat yellow gold

Tasha and Tom make wedding rings


Cherese and Dave made traditional rings 9 carat yellow gold

Cherese and Dave make wedding rings

Don’t forget, if you book in to make wedding rings for yourselves before midnight on 14 January you will receive a £50 discount.

Watch this short video to see Ali and Alex making their wedding rings recently


Want to make your rings with me?

Do you like the look and style of the wedding rings shown here?

Would you like to make wedding rings like this in Birmingham?

If the answer is yes then don’t miss this fantastic offer, valid until 14 January 2019. Book your place to make your own wedding rings today for £250, normally £300 (excluding materials).

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£50 Off Wedding Ring Making

£50 Off Wedding Ring Making

£50 Off Wedding Ring Making

What could cement the romance in your relationship more than wedding ring making together? Right now we’re offering you sentimental darlings £50 off this fabulous experience.  

Before deciding if making your own wedding rings is for you can read about Natalie and Stella’s experience here.

£50 off wedding ring making

A romantic day out…

We offer wedding ring making workshops, exclusively for one couple, in our fully equiped workshop. Many couples have made their rings in gold or silver under the expert guidance of award winning jeweller Elizabeth Anne Norris and you can too. Read about how your day spent together will go here.

wedding ring making brighton

An unmissable offer!

If you’re reading this before 14 September 2018 then you’re in luck! You can book your wedding ring making workshop and receive £50 off right now. Check the availability and book your workshop online here. Use discount code MAKERINGS1 at the checkout and only pay £250 (normally £300).

Just so you know the cost of the wedding ring making workshop excludes materials. Once you book we’ll be in touch to chat with you about your wedding ring designs and let you know how much the gold or silver will cost. To give you a guide to materials costs below are some costs:

  • Silver wedding rings will be approximately £10-£40
  • Ladies wedding rings in 9 carat gold will be approximately £70 – £350 and 18 carat gold will be £150 – £600
  • Men’s wedding rings 9 carat gold will be approximately £100 – £500 and 18 carat gold will be £250 – £1000
  • Optional extras like hand engraving £20- £40, hallmarking £40 and stone setting £30 per stone plus the cost of the stone.

If you have any questions about wedding ring making you can email us here or click to call Elizabeth here.

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In summary

So to be clear, you can enjoy your wedding ring making experience with no prior jewellery making experience. Each stage of the ring making process will be demonstrated to you before you set to doing it yourself. Elizabeth will be on hand at every step to ensure your rings are made perfectly. You’ll be very impressed with the wedding rings you make. If you need reassurance read the reviews here.

  1. Don’t miss out on this irresistibly offer for your lovey-dovey day with £50 off (normally £300)
  2. Book before midnight 14 September to take advantage of this offer.
  3. Be sure to use code MAKERINGS1 when you book online to receive your discount.
  4. Click here to book the next available wedding ring making workshop now.

If you have any questions please contact us here

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Our Best Selling Sustainable Jewellery Reduced

Our Best Selling Sustainable Jewellery Reduced

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Our Best Selling Sustainable Jewellery Reduced

Our Best Selling Sustainable Jewellery Reduced

More Than a Wedding Ring. This is Art Made with Love!!

More Than a Wedding Ring. This is Art Made with Love!!

More Than a Wedding Ring. This is Art Made with Love!!

Couples are heading to Birmingham to make their handmade Wedding Rings, in silver or gold, crafted under the watchful eye of Award Winning British Designer Elizabeth Anne Norris.



So…who is Elizabeth Anne Norris?

“I’m a self-proclaimed geek and a hands-on jewellery designer with a scientific background. I simply love how metal properties respond to heat, chemicals and hammering to create exquisite modern designs.

“For me, craft is the practice of making something beautiful or practical that combines age-old traditional techniques with current technology.

“Drawing on nature, travel and world culture for my inspiration, I add different textures and finishes to simple shapes or patterns to make my designs unique.“For me, craft is the practice of making something beautiful or practical that combines age-old traditional techniques with current technology.

“Working with clients during my bespoke half day workshops allows me to share my passion for jewellery making through teaching. What better symbolism for a marriage than a wedding band made by the couple themselves?

“All my workshops take place in my light, open plan studio in Birmingham. It’s easy to book your place and start crafting your bespoke design with me here in the heart of the Jewellery Quarter.

You’re just one click away!!

So if you’re unable to find what you’re looking for in the shops, why not exchange your wedding vows with a personal Wedding Ring that’s unique to you?

“I know couples want to make something personal and unique to them but like the mythical unicorn, a jeweller you can trust is hard to find.

“I can help lead you through the design and making process to craft beautiful rings, in gold or silver, for your special day.

No idea how to begin designing your wedding rings?

“Not a problem! We’ll chat before you come to the studio and I’ll help you get those creative juices flowing.

“Most couples who attend my workshops are experiencing jewellery making for the first time. So it’s important when you’re thinking about your design to keep in mind that not everything is possible for a beginner to make!

“The workshops are designed to help you make elegant precious metal jewellery and help is at hand for the more advanced jewellery making techniques, such as setting stones. This is a highly specialised skill that is done outside of the workshops.

“After half a day of shaping, softening, hammering, soldering, embellishing and finishing their jewellery, couples finish the workshop delighted with their work, beholding an object of beauty!  

So if like many couples I meet, you

  • Are unable to find what you’re looking for in the shops
  • Want to create something personal and unique to you
  • Long to have beautiful handmade wedding bands in gold or silver
  • Want to make a romantic start to your marriage

Then make sure you click the link below and Book Today!

Book your bespoke Wedding Ring Workshop TODAY and Get £50 OFF!!

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If you have any questions about the make your own wedding rings workshop please click here to contact me

Photoshoot Wedding Ring Making

Photoshoot Wedding Ring Making

Photoshoot Wedding Ring Making

Natalie and Stella – Wedding Ring Making

I’m so excited to show you the photos from a recent shoot when Natalie and Stella came to my Brighton workshop and made their wedding rings.  We were so lucky that Gemma from Betti Confetti Photo was able to come and document the wedding ring making with her clever wedding photography skills too.  

Gemma photographed the day

If you’ve been following me on Instagram you’ll know I now run wedding ring workshops where couples can do all the wedding ring making themselves. With all the expert advice from me on hand you don’t need any prior experience. Well, earlier this year I took part in the happily ever after wedding fair at Brighton Racecourse and chatted to couples about my wedding ring workshops.  At the fair I shared a stand with Gemma from Betti Confetti Photo. You’ve probably heard me mention Gemma before as she has done some wonderful product photography for me and more recently a successful model jewellery photo shoot too. You may have read my blog post interview with her here?

At the wedding fair Gemma and I teamed up to ran a giveaway contest for one couple to win a make your own wedding rings workshop including a pre-wedding photo shoot.  One of the couples we chatted to at the wedding fair in Brighton were Natalie, from Wilding Wedding Planners, and her partner Stella. Natalie and Stella, who are currently planning their True Romance inspired wedding, entered our competition and won!

It was a giggle

After discussing what ring designs Natalie and Stella wanted we arranged for them to come and make their wedding rings at my jewellery workshop on the border of Brighton and Hove.  We had such a fun morning heating, hammering, soldering and polishing the metal. By the end of the session they had produced the silver and gold wedding rings that they had dreamt of.

Time to celebrate!

Once Natalie and Stella had completed their wedding rings they celebrated with a glass of bubbly whilst they tried on their rings.

Love was in the air

Delighted with the results Natalie and Stella wandered off exploring the nooks of Brighton where Gemma captured some beautiful photos of them admiring their newly made wedding rings. I love the inscriptions they added to their rings!

The love between this pair is pretty obvious and I really wish them all the best for their wedding next year. I’m so happy to have met Natalie and Stella and to have helped them to design and make their wedding rings for their big day.

Could you do it?

In four short hours, having been guided step by step through the wedding ring making process, Natalie and Stella handmade their rings from scratch.  They had no previous experience of ring making or traditional jewellery making techniques. The resulting rings are totally what they were after. The wedding rings made in sterling silver, rose gold and yellow gold are unique to them and very cool!

If you’re getting married and I thinking about wedding ring making yourselves you can read more about what to expect here. If you have any questions about wedding ring designs, the ring making process or anything else feel free to contact me here or leave your comment below. Thank you.

If you like the photos from Natalie and Stella’s pre-wedding photo shoot hop over to find out more about the services on offer from wedding photographer Gemma.

And if you love Natalie’s style why not find out how her wedding planning works here.