Feedback from Emma’s jewellery classes

Feedback from Emma’s jewellery classes

I really can’t believe that I’ve been teaching jewellery making to adults for 5 years. My first jewellery classes were in October 2011. I’ve been going back through the feedback from my students and found this below from one of my very first students Emma. Emma came for a 3 hour jewellery making workshop which is suitable for beginners, and made this sterling silver ring. Below is the feedback she gave me after one of my jewellery classes:

“Thanks again so much for the class. I can’t believe I learnt so much in such a short space of time and came away with a piece of jewellery I made myself! Thanks for your patient guidance and kindness.” (Student Emma)

It makes me happy when I hear feedback like that. Thanks Emma. I really enjoy teaching silversmithing and jewellery making to my students and long may it continue!

If you want to make a silver ring or want to learn jewellery making, I offer a range of  jewellery classes and workshops at my studio in Birmingham. Click here to read about the jewellery making courses on offer.

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